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Feeding America – Donate Here

Now you won’t see many posts like this on my blog – that’s generally because we’re dealing with the consumer world, but I thought this was worth writing about.

Now whilst we spin around in our worlds of reviews, deals and offers – enjoying everything our awesome site has to offer, such as the best TV packages through to some weight loss supplements – there are many people worrying about where their next meal comes from……and I’m not just tlking about people from deprived and developing countries.

It’s happening in countries like the USA! In fact there are over 46 million people who need support when it comes to finding food and thats from just 1 charity – Feeding America.

These fine guys and gals specialize in making sure that the people that need it most quite simply get fed! Tehy provide food to the hungry. Super simple? Yes. And it’s needed 100%

But what Feeding America needs is more financial support, because despite all of the help they get from very generous people the problem is still there and they need more money for more food to feed even more hungry mouths.

Here’s a link for you to donate some money – Click Here


Phone Safety For Your Children

If you have children then their safety is without a doubt one of the utmost priorities you have in your life. no way would you ever put them in harms way and you want to make sure they are safe 100% of the time – and of course that includes online!

But not many parents are fully aware of the dangers that lie within cell phones or mobile phones. Now of course we’ve all heard the horrifying figures that are sometimes circulated which claim a very high percentage of teenagers have been exposed to inappropriate images via their phones – often times these are sent and shared amongst friends. And sadly they are often taken or started by youngsters themselves.

But problems like these can be the tip of the iceberg.

For example we often worry about who our children may have in their contacts on ther mobile devices. We worry that they’re not giving there number to strangers or accepting numbers from random people because its ‘cool’! But let me put this idea to you….

What if a disgusting individual up to no good randonly selects a number and begins texting it. It’s so simple to do as just changing one digit on your own phone will give you a perfect number of a complete stranger. What if the random number belongs to your child? What if your child then becomes the receiver of inappropriate text messages?

  • You’d want to know about it.
  • You’d want to stop it.
  • You’d want to know exactly what’s going on.

Well all of this may be pretty difficult to do if you just hope that you’ll be around when the person texts. But what if there was another way? What if huge technological advances could enable you to find exactly who is texting your children?

Well you can – Click Here

It’s simpler than you think to get complete peace of mind for you and your family.

Check out WhosTextingMyKids

MyPoints Means Prizes!

Hi there! OK I admit that this is a post I was planning on writing several weeks ago, maybe even a month or two. But I never got round to it! That’s an understatment if I ever wrote one.

What I wanted to write to you about and what I am writing to you about is a grand old site called MyPoints.com

Now you may have heard of this site – if you have then you’re probably already a member. If you haven’t heard of it then let me explain it as simply as I can. Basically you get rewarded points for shopping and then you can redeem those points for financial reward or gift cards and the like.

Now this is not a new idea but what is cool about this site is that you can shop at all of your normal websites and get rewarded for it. For example a brief look at MyPoints and you can see that you can get rewarded for shopping on websites like QVC, Target, Kohls, Macy’s and all the other top names that you can think of.

So unlike other points sites you don’t have to shop at some really obscure website in order to earn something back. I’ve seen many a site like that and it’s impossible to earn points because there’s nothing you’d like to buy from the weird websites that it partners with.

Well MyPoints has fixed that problem and you can now get rewarded big for shopping at your favouite sites. It’s a win win situation. Plus you can get reward points for other things such as referring freidns or even giving you opinion in various survey style opportunities.

If you want to see what I mean then Click Here for MyPoints.com

Books From Eden

Well as I write this it’s moving very quickly, close to Christmas! And of course retail goes through the roof this time of year – so keep your eyes peeled for some posts recommending more great shopping deals especially for all of you parents looking to buy some toys at great prices.

Now at this time of year it’s always good to do something that pleases the big man upstairs right?! Well what better way than recommending a Christian bookstore? Oh yes! This means that I can give you the gift of a book and all from a store for this exact moment in time – the birth of Christ!

Click for Eden Bookstore

Unfortunately this is just for my UK readers. I’ll try to get something for everyone else as soon as I can – but if you’re in the frosty UK then hit up this link to find some great deals from this specialist book store online.

I do get a commissions if you buy something after clicking the link – so a huge thank you for that!


New Bank Account Offers – Canada

First up the following article is just for Canadian visitors and yes I do get paid a commission if you take up an offer from the article below.

So you’re looking for a new bank account if you’ve come to this page, right? Yup! And I’m writing this to give you a recommendation for a good savings account or bank that you can join today.

Now of course there are many different National and International banks that you can join and all of them will have some features that you will enjoy. But let me briefly say this – nothing is more important to your bank accuont than it’s balance. So what I mean by that is put more in than you take out and things are always going to look rosie and your balance is going to continually grow.

Other than that look for an offer that allows you to easily manage your money online and in the bank itself, also look for a good savings rate. Some banks are offering as little as 0.5% and actually this is the going rate right now, but if you shop around some offer 1.5% – EQ Bank is currently offering 2% at time of writing so you can see why I want to recommend these guys.

Also look for some offers where there may be some kind of benefits too. This could be anything from healthcare to car insurance or even a cheap rate on your next mobile phone contract. It’s always worth loking and some of the bonuses are incredible.

Again EQ has you covered with this too so follow this link and check them out – Click Here for EQ Bank

Remember Canada only and yes I wil get paid a commission if you open an account through my link.

Accurate Background Checks

No doubt you’ve seen some of the posts on background checks that are here on this blog. We’ve reviewed a couple and recommended what we think are the very best to you. Of course you know how important background checks are and the ability to be able to do this online is so important in today’s world.

If you’re not sure of the use of such checks just think for a minute what it would be like if someone you knew had a violent and convicted criminal past. Would you want to be spending personal time with that person? Would you want your family to spend time with them? Would you trust that person with your children?

The answer to all of those is probably a resounding NO. But there may be a chance that this is already happening to you and/or your family. This is why you need peace of mind. This is why you need to ensure everyone you mix with is safe to be around.

Of course there are other checks that are extremely useful to such as financial background as this can reveal a lot about someones past too.

Now as I mention earlier there are several services that provide background checks for people in the US – but there is one that is the master of all databases. They appear to be the most popular and appear to be the service that competitors model themselves upon.

If you’re serious about real background checks the THIS is where you need to click and visit Instant Checkmate.

Check Someones Background and Past

With our ever expanding communities and ways of connecting with people from all over the place, its likely that your circle of fiends and colleagues is growing now more than ever.

It’s likely that you’re meeting people from all walks of life and perhaps introducing them into the more private areas of your personal life, family, life and work life. So it’s surely time to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to good ol’ folk or perhaps the NOT so good!

But how do you do it? How do you find out if someone is really as clean as a whistle or if someone has a bit of a dark past that they’re concealing. I mean if you’re hiring someone to work with you or if you’re looking for a quality childminder you want to make sure that you, your family and your children are going to be safe right?

Of course you do and this is why we’re strong believers in background checks and discovering those little details about people. This could be criminal records court judgements or even large amounts of debt or money issues.

To do this you need a reliable service and this is why we recommend eVerify. They’re a truly great quality service with accurate information on people that you need to check out.

Find out more here!

Teespring For Tee’s!

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. This includes Teespring as we are an acting affiliate. We will be rewarded a commission if you choose to follow a link from this site to Teespring.com (or another of our partners). We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.


If you’re looking to buy clothes online then you know there are an unlimited amount of sites to buy from, but when it comes to those snappy and catchy t-shirts that you see people wearing then there’s only one place you need to go – Teespring!

This site is dedicated to selling tshirts online and they have just about every design you can think of. Now when I say that I don’t mean designer labels, what I mean is everything from a Star Wars tee right through to those one liners like ‘Don’t Panic……Im An Engineer’ you know the ones.

This site is a great place to find unique t-shirts as well as finding the perfect gift for a friend, loved one or colleague. You can actually upload you’re own designs and sell these to anyone you want to as well.

Truly a cool site for your t-shirt indulgences, somewhere you can make money as a seller and just a fun website to browse around because some of the designs and slogans are just brilliantly funny.

Check it out here – click for Teespring

SkyMall Reaching New Heights

Now of course we love reviewing lots of different shopping sites on our awesome blog here, so why not do another one? Well lets do it. Actually before I go on I think that shopping site reviews must be some of our most popular posts on here and I think we’ve done more of these than any other post so far.

Alright down to business – SkyMall

This is a site that i’ve only recently found and I really do like it. It’s a got a really clean and clutter free homepage which makes it so easy to navigate and get your shopping experience under way. There categories are very easy to spot from the homepage and I do also like the ‘Trending Now’ section because it instantly highlights great deals and unique products that are flying off the shelves, so you know there will always be something cool to buy here.

A top feature I like are the personalised gifts as these can solve so many of those gifting moments where you just can’t decide what to buy someone who has everything. A quick browse through this section will have birthdays, Mothers Days and Chrsitmas presents sorted in a matter of no time at all.

Alright this site sure doesn’t have the same volume of stuff that you’re going to find on one of the massive sites such as Amazon. But thats no bad thing and besides who can have as much inventory as those big boys, right?

If you’re looking for a unique shopping site with great products then SkyMall is a great site to visit. Click Here to visit them now!

Why You Should Rush For SEMRush!

If you’re serious about developing an online marketing strategy for your work at home business then SEMRush is one website that you’re going to want to get aquainted with. It’s software that you really shouldn’t be without for helping you profit in the wild world of the interent, blogging, SEO and traffic.

Now if you have your own website that you’re wanting to rank it allows you to seek out profitable keywords and give you a strategy on how you can rank your site.

It also allows you to find advertising opportunities and even to dig into some deep research and discover what your competitors are doing.

So let me give you and example. You have a major competitor and you see that they are ranking on page 1 of Google for a very popular keyword. You know this keyword is bringing them visitors and that they are turning into customers. Now what SEMRush will let you do is see how your competitor is ranking for this particluar keyword. It will show you where they’re getting backlinks from and what words are being used for anchor text.

It can also who you how your competitors website is structured and what the keyword density of their inner pages is. You can then use a similar strategy to rank for the same keyword and even outrank your competition so you can get a slice of that traffic and custom.

Now it doesn’t matter what your online niche is. If you have some online properties then you’re going to want to get in on this software and start using it to your advantage.

Click Here for SEMRush